Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Dreamcast’s Top Hidden Gems - Segagaga

When it comes to consoles, there are always a lot of well known “must have” titles that gain a lot of hype.  In the case of the Dreamcast, some of these titles you might often here repeatedly are games like Shenmue, Soul Calibur, Virtua Tennis, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure, and Skies of Arcadia just for example...  but what about the more obscure games?  What about those hidden gems that don’t always get quite the recognition they deserve? Well this article is dedicated to just that. This is a top list of Dreamcast games with a difference.  If you’re not a hardcore Dreamcast nut you may not have heard much about many of these games, so it’s time to promote these gems.  The first game I will discuss is Segagaga.


Segagaga was released in Japan towards the end of the Dreamcast’s life (available only on Sega’s online store).  What the game proved to be was a fantastic farewell to the Dreamcast and a brilliant gift to the Sega fans that had supported the company through its history  It is unfortunate that the game was never released outside of Japan as it presents both an incredible game and a nostalgic trip through Sega’s history.  The game is text heavy and therefore it is difficult for those that do not speak Japanese to understand quite what is happening in the game.  Despite this, it is a fairly simple game and is a lot of fun regardless of whether you know the language or not.  There are translation guides and walkthroughs out there to help those that need help.

Segagaga is a RPG with a difference... Instead of being set in the past with an ancient fantasy theme, the game is actually set in 2025.  Segagaga's storyline actually parodies the commercial failure of the Dreamcast and the console battles between Sega and Sony that were happening at the time.  It was great to see Sega still having a sense of humour and ability to laugh at themselves, all whilst making subtle jabs at the games industry.  You play as a child recruited by Sega in a last-ditch effort to stop the evil DOGMA (*cough* Sony *wink wink*) Company from taking over the console market.

The game plays like a typical console RPG, with an overhead view and bright detailed 2D visuals.  The player must make their way through Sega’s development studios (Dungeons) and battle various employees.  Employees can be hired in order to make games once you reach the later stage of the game.  The cut scenes are beautifully animated visuals and are a real treat to watch.  Within the game there are also numerous cameos by characters from previous Sega games that bring joy to any Sega fan lucky enough to play this game.  Some characters that make cameos for example are Sonic the Hedgehog and Alex Kidd, just to name a few.  Seeing Alex Kidd working in a games shop apparently moaning about being fired as a mascot by Sega was particularly entertaining. 

If you own a Dreamcast, you owe yourself to play this game.  Do it.  Do it now!

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